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Pastor, Caregiver, Event Planner, Creator. Wife, Mom, Sister, Friend.

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My Pinnacle Gift Statement

I am a passionate, joyful, empathetic, and compassionate pastor and caregiver who provides a peaceful presence, a sense of hope and encouragement to others. I connect with others and meet them authentically wherever they are by listening to them openly and actively without judgement. I support others in discerning their needs and facilitate their growth to bring out the best in them.

Through the use of my leadership, organizational and creative abilities, I develop unique and customized events and learning opportunities which brings people’s dreams and desires to realization. Using my wisdom as a creative problem solver, I provide comfort to people in all phases of their life offering ideas, alternative choices and inspiration, guiding them gently towards their true potential.

Denise has over 30 years of experience as a caregiver……first as an RN, and now as an ordained pastor and hospice chaplain. She has been an Executive Director; program creator and presently serves as solo pastor of Weldon Valley Presbyterian church in Colorado. In all of these roles, she has discovered that the key to success in life is to be joyful always and celebrate each moment because they each have the potential for transforming our lives. When coupled with creativity, the results can be amazing.

Denise brings all these qualities in developing customized events and opportunities that celebrate each person’s uniqueness and special story.