Celebrations of Life

Memorial Services or Celebrations of Life are opportunities to celebrate a deceased loved one’s life and offer a coming together in community to share grief and support one another.

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What is an Officiant and What do they do?

An officiant is a professional who works with families to create a service to celebrate the life of a deceased loved one. They often act as a leader of the service, helping to not only prepare and speak, but to help facilitate the flow of the entire service.


Create Ceremony / Order of Service

Including readings, music, eulogy, prayers, blessings.

Writing of a eulogy

A reflection or a sermon message.

Master of Ceremonies

Serve in the role of Master of Ceremonies to insure a smooth flow.

Grief Support

Offer support to the family and others and resources for ongoing grief support as needed.

How is an officiant from Sassy Preacher Lady Ministries Different?

Our goal at Sassy Preacher Lady Ministries is to have people come together in community to share stories, memories, laughs and tears about their loved one and to leave a service knowing and understanding the fullness and richness of that person’s life and the impact they had in the world. We do this by paying close attention to the way the person lived and helping to draw out the most meaningful and impactful stories in order to capture their essence. We then take these unique stories and create a customized service that honors and celebrates that person.